Once upon a time, there was a girl named Christina. She always wanted to be thin, pretty, popular, fashionable and cool but Christina never felt like she fit in with “main-stream” life. She was never very good at team sports (with the exception of cheerleading) and always preferred science and books. She was in choir, marching band, thespians, student council and various other “geeky” activities. She always tried to hide her nerdyness and fit in with the popular people.

As Christina grew up she met more and more people who liked the same things she did and slowly started to find her tribe. She found friends to debate the merits of Star Wars vs Star Trek, friends she could have Harry Potter marathons with and friends who shared her love of board games. She made friends with other scrapbookers and after many years she even found several friends who were computer nerds like her who wrote code for webpages and designed in UX for apps.

By her thirties she finally started to stop trying to fit in with what main-stream media said was cool, pretty or fun; embraced her inner nerd and let her geek flag fly! Over the course of her life, she stopped caring about what people thought of her and allowed herself to be who she truly was… An OCD organization queen, nerd girl extraordinaire and artist/scrapbooker who loved living a positive, healthy lifestyle.


As most things, her life ebbed and flowed. Sometimes she was healthier (all around, not just nutrition/fitness) and sometimes she got distracted by the events of life. Her weight fluctuated quite a bit through her life. In high school she was a bit heavier, standing 5’3″ and wearing a size 10. In her 20’s to mid 30’s, she was around 120-130. By 36 she had gained quite a bit of weight and was at her second heaviest in her life, weighing in at around 175. At 38 she found the motivation she needed to make a change and started working out daily, eating healthier and cutting out most of the sweets and junk food she used to eat away her feelings. By fall of that year she was the leanest she’d ever been weighing in around 115 and wearing a size 4. She was eating 3 healthy meals a day and limiting her snacking so she was pretty healthy but not exactly the kind of fit that she wanted to be.

As life always does, it threw Christina a curveball and her 11+ year long relationship with her boyfriend ended during the same year she was completing her first degree. The stress, anxiety, and depression of what was happening in her life overwhelmed her and she got off track and started gaining the weight back. Over the next 6 years, she slowly gained back all the weight she lost, plus some. In 2017 her employer eliminated her position and in one day she was out of work. She tried to stay positive while looking for a job. Having both an associates and bachelors degree she thought it wouldn’t be difficult but she was wrong. She was out of work for several months, anxiety and depression crept back into her life and she turned to food again. By the end of 2018 she reached the heaviest point in her life at 189lbs.

This brings us to where we are today. Christina decided that she needed to make some major changes and start taking control of all aspects of her life again so for 2018 she made a New Years resolution to improve her life. Her first mission was to work on her attitude and outlook so she went to her local library and got several “motivational” tapes by Tony Robbins. She listened to the tapes and did the work outlined for her and her outlook started to improve quickly. She also started to get back to eating healthy and started limiting the number of times she got fast food, started eating more salads and fruit and cutting back on sweets and baked goods. This helped her lose a few pounds and by the time she started her new job in March of 2018 she was down to 183.

Even though the new job was temporary, it paid well and had good hours which greatly improved her anxiety. She would pack healthy lunches and took the stairs in the parking structure and in the office. By the beginning of June she has lost 8 pounds and was down to 175. She knew that starting to work out again would not only help her lose more weight but would improve her overall physical and mental health so she joined the gym they had at her office. She started slow and really dialed in on her meal planning. On Sunday afternoon she would prep healthy meals for the coming week’s lunches. Some days she would have taco salad made with 2 cups of spinach, lean ground turkey meat, diced tomato and a limited amount of cheese or grilled chicken breast with broccoli and 1/2 cup brown rice. At night she’d usually have another salad, sometimes the same taco salad that she would make for lunch or sometimes just spinach with a lite raspberry vinaigrette, an ounce of goat cheese and some walnuts.

After seven weeks she was working out five days a week and her meals during the week were on point. At the gym she was lifting weights, focusing on upper body on MWF and lower body on TTH, and doing a little cardio. She knew that adding some muscle at the beginning of the process was going to be key, not only to lose more weight but also sculpting her body to look the way she wanted it too. By week six and seven she was incorporating 20 minutes of cardio before lifting and another 10-15 minutes after. At the end of seven weeks she’d lost 3 pounds and was starting to notice a small difference in the amount of fat in her mid-section. She knew she could increase that a little and still lose the fat at a healthy rate so she made another change.

On July 9th Christina decided to make a major change to her eating style and started eating according to the ketogenic lifestyle. If you’re not familiar with the keto lifestyle it’s pretty much the opposite of what we learn is healthy in the US. It focuses on a very low carb, high (healthy) fat and moderate protein menu. The lack of carbs in your body puts your body into a state of ketosis where it begins to look for other sources of energy, in this case, fats. Since Monday Christan’s lost two pounds, has had more energy, slept better and isn’t suffering hunger between meals. She does deeply miss her morning latte’s though. But she’ll find a way to work around that.

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