It’s been a crazy couple of years. So much has happened since I started this blog so I thought it would be fitting to share a quick update about my progress on my healthy living journey.

In 2017 I was working in a dead end job for a company that was sucking the life out of me. I frequently worked 12 hrs a day, working through lunch and breaks with no reward or upward movement in sight. I was unhappy with work so I started focusing more on positive living and overall wellness.

I started going to the gym, juicing, eating healthy and treating my body better. I started loosing weight and was improving my overall mood. I started devoting a lot of time to focusing on the positive aspects of my life and doing a daily gratitude every morning/evening. Everything outside of work seemed to be improving.

Come fall of 2017 and when I arrived at work one day I was told the company was eliminating my position. With no notice I packed up my desk and took my one week severance pay and left. The Universe knew I wasn’t happy and wanted to find a place where I could be my authentic self and was valued for my contributions. After several months of unemployment I took a contract job (temp work) for an investment company. I wasn’t planning a career shift from the graphics/printing industry but sometimes the Universe knows what we need more then we do. This was a massive blessing, I just couldn’t see the extent of it.

Fast forward to today, I’m now a full time (permanent) employee for this amazing company. My work is valued and appreciated. Everyday is different but in general I’m happy to go to work every day. I’ve only been a full time employee for 7 months and I’ve already received a promotion and a raise! There are so many possibilities for me with this company, the future is very bright.

Now that my work life is on a great track I want to shift my focus on other aspects of my life and work on improving my health, fitness and wellness. Hence I’m dedicating time to my blog. My goal for My Happy Nerdy Life moving forward is to share my health/fitness/wellness journey. Share my passion for positive living, my nerd love for healthy eating & nutrition, progress in my fitness journey and tools that I use to improve my overall wellness. I plan to share recipes, workouts and my progress. I’m not a nutritionist, chef or fitness professional. I’m just a happy, nerdy girl next door sharing her own journey.

I’d love to get to know you and learn about your story. Comment below with where you are in your own journey, what you’ve learned works for you and your favorite healthy recipes and work out tips. I want to build a community of like minded people who share a passion for wellness, health, nutrition and fitness.


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